DJOLE African Dance and Drum Company
Djole (jo-lay)
adj. or n.
    1. Much dance
    2. Spirit dance
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Bears Show We Care
Djole is partnering with Operation Iraqi Children
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Djole Cares - Bears for Iraqi Children

A Message from Djole Dance and Drum Company
Written by a Djole dancer

We have Iraqi children on our minds and in our hearts. We want them to know that there are children out there who care about them. So we have decided to send them teddy bears. We sometimes go to bed worrying about our own safety and so we know how important it is to have something that we can love and cherish and remind us of the good times and get us through the storms. So we are sending them teddy bears to love and cherish and so they know that people from all around the world care about them.

Djole Dance and Drum Company is partnering with Operation Iraqi Children to send teddy bears to Iraqi children from people all over the world to let them know we care. The teddy bears wear t-shirts on which you can personalize a message (see photo). On the front is a red heart and on the back is a message reading _________ CARES. Anyone who wants to support Djole and bring a smile to an Iraqi child's face can do so by purchasing a teddy bear and giving a first name only to go in the blank. You WILL NOT receive the bears. Djole youth will press the message on the teddy bear t-shirts and ship them to Operation Iraqi Children's headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. Operation Iraqi Children will get them in the hands of Iraqi children. The profits (Djole will raise $5 for every bear purchased) from the project will go toward funding the Djole Journey to Africa, a project focusing on AIDS and West African street children. Your purchase will impact Iraqi children, African Street children, and Djole's inner-city U.S. youth.

Thank you for caring!

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