DJOLE African Dance and Drum Company
Djole (jo-lay)
adj. or n.
    1. Much dance
    2. Spirit dance
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Bears Show We Care
Djole is partnering with Operation Iraqi Children
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West African Drumming & Dance Master Class - January 14th
Djole West African Dance & Drum Company, WO'SE Dance Theatre & RBM Dance Company invite you to and extraordinary event featuring international performing artists & teachers

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Djole starts West African Women's Drumming Circle
We are starting a women's West African Drumming Circle on November 2, 2010 at Creative Spark in Mount Pleasant.

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Djole to perform at United Nations with Rwandan Dance Company
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Djole trip to Africa results in global initiative, Project OKURASE
Gethsemani Circle of Friends, Djole's parent organization has partnered with MUSC and Nkabom Artist and Craftspeople Association to build a center for women and children orphaned by AIDS in Okurase, Ghana. The effort is being conducted under the name, Project OKURASE. Read press release.

World AIDS Day
On December 1, Djole will join the rally for World AIDS Day at Marion Square at King, Calhoun and Meeting streets in downtown Charleston. A march from there to the College of Charleston Cistern starting will start at 5:45 p.m. and a candlelight vigil will take place at the Cistern after the march. Click here to learn more about World AIDS Day.

Djole trip to Africa featured on
Ghana news source reports on Djole's visit to Africa. Click here to read the article.

Trip to Africa offers life-changing perspective
On September 8, Djole was featured in MUSC's weekly paper, The Catalyst. Click here to view the article.

Djole raises funds to embark on a journey to Africa
After two years of hard work and dedication the children and supporters of Djole have raised enough money to undergo "Djole's Journey to Africa." The two-week trip will begin on August 2. The children will fly from Charleston to Atlanta/NYC and then non-stop to Accura, Ghana. To learn more about the mission of the trip, click here.

Djole featured in local paper
On March 27, Djole was featured on the front page of the local section of the Post & Courier. The story was part of an ongoing effort to raise awareness about Djole's trip to Africa.
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Djole Journey to Africa
Summer 2006
After a lot of hard work and dedication, it's now time to reward our children. The parents and leaders of Djole have committed themselves to giving the children of Djole a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Next summer, Djole will have the chance to learn more about being citizens of the world and caring for those less fortunate. We will be taking books and clothing to children and will be educating the children about AIDS prevention. We recognize that sometimes the best teachers of children are other children, we are planning to obtain or develop materials to conduct teaching sessions about first aid and AIDS. A particular focus of the education exchange will be street children. We believe that this venture will be a life changing experience for many of our kids and the children in Africa. We are unsure what developing this relationship with the people of Ghana and South Africa will bring in terms of goodwill and future relationships but we are sure that it will bring a tremendous cultural experience to the children of Djole.
Click here to learn more about Djole's ambassadorial trip to Africa

Make a Joyful Noise
A benefit for Djole's Journey to Africa and to send kids involved with DSS to summer camp through the HALOS program, will be held on April 30 at 5 p.m. at the Church of the Holy Cross near the water tower on Middle street on Sullivan's Island. Kids and grownups are encouraged to sing and dance.

Teen Jam
Djole is sponsoring a Teen Jam at the Sunsetter Lodge in North Charleston on April 7, 2006. All local teens are invited. Police officers will be provided.

Fund-raising Efforts Continue for AIDS Awareness Trip
November 2005
Djole raised $1000 for its trip to Africa at a chicken and fish dinner at the community center. More than 100 home-cooked meals were prepared and served by the Union Heights community in order to raise money for the Djole Dance Company. Plans are in the works to hold another dinner in the near future.

Opening Our Arms
September 2005
Djole has partnered with the Family Services Research Center at MUSC to help sponsor a family affected by Hurricane Katrina. The family will move to Charleston this fall. Djole and FSRC are committed to providing for this family for six months. Please consider making a donation in honor of this family to assist us with our efforts. Designate “Katrina Family” in the designation field.

Djole Dances at Festival
September 3, 2005
Members of the Djole African Dance and Drum Company performed their signature dance, the djole, at the Gullah-Geechee Nation International African Music and Movement Festival on Saturday, Sept. 3 at St. Helena Park in Beaufort, SC.
(photo Megan Lovett/Gazette)

Djole Tours Channel 2
August 17, 2005
On August 17, Djole Dance Company met reporter Bettina Boateng for a tour of NBC Channel 2 studio.

Here is a first hand report from some of the children:

We started out going to the weather room to meet our tour guide, John the weather guy. We learned a lot about predicting the weather and how weather forecasters follow the radar to tell where the weather is. We can also follow the radar to see where the weather is. The Channel 2 building is really strong and a good place to go if there is a hurricane.

Next, we met the people who work in the office. We learned that the station has 13 televisions that they watch to see if other news stations know what they know. They never change the channels. We saw reporters meeting to decide on the day's stories. Lots of people were on the phone. We went to a room where there were lots of buttons. Someone told us how film is edited. We saw the switching room and where the lady controls the commercials. We went to the big room where people give the news and saw a green weather screen that is used to give the weather. You can't wear green clothes when you give the weather because up against that screen you will look like a bobbing head on TV. This can actually be fun for Halloween. When we asked the weather guy how does it feel to be a weather guy, he said he liked it because he can tell jokes and have fun.

We had a great time and look forward to getting to know Channel 2 people better and we will always remember not to touch the blue floor!

Written by: Lavazia, Dyshell, Kevin and Keontri

Djole Featured in Skirt! Magazine
February 2005
Djole Dance Company was recently featured in the February 2005 issue of Skirt! magazine. The Feb. issue focused on two-somes in the community that are making a difference. Cindy and Ida, co-directors of Djole made for a perfect pair.
Click here to view the article (pdf)

Golf on the Wild Side Golf Tournament
January 2005
On January 22 Djole hosted a very successful golf tournament to raise money to help send Djole to Africa in 2006. A silent auction was held in the clubhouse following the golf tournament. The tournament and auction raised close to $5,000. Thank you to all of the participants who helped make this a very special and successful event!